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Consumers have always demanded a lot more than the goods and services they buy from sellers. Before they make decisions, most of them like to ask around for someone with something to say about any given service provider, or brand. If a service is of high quality or worth their money, they spend them.

In the formal world however, the Consumer Report takes this duty, albeit on a higher notch. It informs consumers on a large scale, about the service providers, brands, vendors, suppliers and manufacturers they use as consumers. Most of the time, the reports dig deeper and that’s why they’re very important.

In the e-commerce world, the demands are always immediate. People want to get what they want to get quickly. That is why; a lot of them have customer reviews on site to help their users (consumers) shop with enough information. Essay writing companies that serve student consumers however, lag behind when it comes to helping their consumers shop smart.

Students as consumers

One of the few places where students spend their shopping money without consumer reports is when they are buying essays online. Most of the time, they lack time to check out multiple services, mostly getting an essay writing company off Google and buying straight away. No questions asked! This in itself is a huge risk because they are buying without guarantees that whatever they’re spending on is what they need, or what they’ll get.

Why we need reviews for essay writing companies

Essay writing companies are profit making organizations. They hire multiple people who pay taxes and grow their local economies. They also compete, scale and expand. Like other companies with consumers, these companies should be audited. Unfortunately, they don’t do it or regulate their platforms in a way consumers can see. Consumers who spend their money with them need reviews to help them pick the good while avoiding the bad ones. This is where my-teacher.info comes in.

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How it works

my-teacher.info publishes the reviews it receives from thousands of essay writing company customers around the globe. We ask consumers to share their feedback so that we can help to find a refined list of benevolent service providers other buyers can call upon. We also send out some of our best experts to audit and investigate essay writing companies. Their feedback which comes in the form of a summary review helps us direct consumers in the right direction just the way the consumer magazines do.